Aphrodite’s Necklace

Aphrodite’s Necklace
Series: Aphrodite, Book 2
Genres: Erotic, Romance
Publisher: Under the Sun
Publication Year: revised for 2016
ASIN: B00305CYD8
ISBN: 9781419910005
Now available in the boxed set Scandalously Yours! Can improper love survive the loss of Aphrodite's Necklace?
About the Book

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, has been exiled to 1844 London after improperly indulging herself with a lyre player. She finds Queen Victoria’s society far too stuffy for her tastes. Can she teach these innocents to delight in sensual love?

Emily Rogers picks up an enchanted necklace at her family’s costume ball and is caught in Aphrodite’s sexy spell. Now Emily cannot take her eyes off her handsome young butler, William Coxe, and cannot resist worshipping his body, though she is intended for a wealthy man in order to improve her family’s fortune.

Under the necklace’s power, even the presence of each other is overwhelming and they cannot resist their erotic urges. Not realizing the necklace has taught them desire, they seek to find its rightful owner. When they locate Aphrodite, she is pleased by the sensuality these innocents have found and removes her enchantment.

Can improper love survive the loss of Aphrodite’s Necklace?

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