Monthly Archives: February 2019

Heather Hiestand Historical Romance Sale

I just noticed that most of my historical romances are on sale. Most are $1.99 but this one is only $.99 and you can definitely start the series here even thought it’s a book 2 because it’s a simultaneous timeline with book 1! Book 3, Lady Be Good, is also on sale for $.99.

February’s Flower

In honor of my mother’s birthday today, I thought I would look at the February birthday flower. There are various choices out there as there is no one system of birth month flowers or indeed, flower language as a whole, but I was fascinated by the iris.

It seems that the iris has had a number of meanings over the centuries. Since there is a Greek goddess named Iris, one possible meaning is “eloquence.” Other meanings are wisdom, faith, hope, and valor. I may have to use Iris as a heroine name now, with all of those great qualities being symbolized in this beautiful flower.

Are there other February birth flowers that you prefer?