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New Release: Boxed #Romance Set: Sweet Sensations

SweetSensations_BoxedSet_Promo1-LeodMy entire household has been hit with a mega-cold, so I’ve missed reporting on my last couple of new releases. Sweet Sensations came out almost a week ago, and is currently just $.99 for this boxed set, which includes at least one holiday read – my story “Loving a Go-Go” which is an expanded version of “Christmas a Go-Go” from a few years back.

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The other new re-release is “Claudia’s Pleasure” a novella that starts my series Men of Myth. What do you think of the new cover? The original was a hugely popular cover in its day.

Claudia's Pleasure 2015Buy on Amazon


Can a long-term relationship regain its sizzle?

Claudia and her boyfriend Sam have been together since high school. Real life is setting in as they reach their mid-twenties. She loves him, but the sex isn’t what it used to be. Even worse, her gaze is straying to a handsome actor and a gorgeous architect. Los Angeles is full of man-candy ready to share her bed.

Is Sam going to be enough for her, even if he’s willing to try anything to get them back on track?

Reader Advisory: Includes an M/M/F/M ménage a quatre with mild M/M interaction.