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The Importance of Passion in Our Writing

curseRecently, the historical romance market hasn’t been all it could be. Early in my career, I wrote contemporary romance, but about six years ago I mostly turned to writing historical, first Victorian, and then 1920s romance. I’ve had a blast, releasing contemporary only in sexier Anh Leod titles like Tempting Josie and Wet Christmas (In Christmas Nookies, an anthology). I haven’t wanted to chase the market, even though I’ve been encouraged to return to contemporary.

I plotted out a standalone contemporary. I plotted out an eight-book contemporary arc using my favorite tropes. I even started book one, but I wasn’t feeling it. I kept going with a passion project set int the 1920s. But then, something changed.

I was offered an opportunity to write something contemporary, and for some reason, that idea set my creativity on fire. It had roots in the kind of historical fiction I was writing, in terms of location and characters. And, I could bring in a naughty pleasure I’d been enjoying in my relatively non-existent free time. That’s a reality TV show my father hooked me on called The Curse of Oak Island. It’s about a treasure hunting team working in Nova Scotia.

When I combined this opportunity with a treasure hunting hero and a reality TV setting, all of a sudden I had a novella I plotted in a couple of days, and a book I was drafting less than a week later. The timing was right and this time, I had a new found love for a contemporary project.

I love this story! It will be out in July, so it will be a while before I share much about it, but I wanted to tell the story of its birth. Sometimes, when we can’t drum up enthusiasm, it’s because we haven’t quite landed on the right idea yet. It’s there though. Just take a look at what currently is interesting to you. The answer might be hiding in your hobbies, favorite shows or books, in the garden…wherever you might care to look.

Coming this month with my newly revised Anh Leod story, Aphrodite’s Necklace:


Coming in March…Trifling Favors…book 7 in the Redcakes series

Trifling Favors cover200x300

New Release: Boxed #Romance Set: Sweet Sensations

SweetSensations_BoxedSet_Promo1-LeodMy entire household has been hit with a mega-cold, so I’ve missed reporting on my last couple of new releases. Sweet Sensations came out almost a week ago, and is currently just $.99 for this boxed set, which includes at least one holiday read – my story “Loving a Go-Go” which is an expanded version of “Christmas a Go-Go” from a few years back.

Buy from Amazon

The other new re-release is “Claudia’s Pleasure” a novella that starts my series Men of Myth. What do you think of the new cover? The original was a hugely popular cover in its day.

Claudia's Pleasure 2015Buy on Amazon


Can a long-term relationship regain its sizzle?

Claudia and her boyfriend Sam have been together since high school. Real life is setting in as they reach their mid-twenties. She loves him, but the sex isn’t what it used to be. Even worse, her gaze is straying to a handsome actor and a gorgeous architect. Los Angeles is full of man-candy ready to share her bed.

Is Sam going to be enough for her, even if he’s willing to try anything to get them back on track?

Reader Advisory: Includes an M/M/F/M ménage a quatre with mild M/M interaction.


Enchanted Eternally Coming to Kindles Near You! #romance #paranormal

Enchanted EternallyBuy here:  http://www.amazon.com/Enchanted-Eternally-Jan-Springer-ebook/dp/B015YEHB76

Paranormal romances for your every reading mood: urban fantasies, ghosts, futuristic threesomes, a fairytale fantasy for grown-up readers–and shapeshifters with unusual twists–perfect fare for your Halloween haunting…

MUSE, by Alexa Silver

After Slate is attacked on stage, Blaze acts instinctively.. Staying safe is only part of the battle, as their hearts are in the balance as well.

BLISS HOUSE, by Ann Jacobs

Two wounded mortals, two ghostly lovers. The ghosts must bring the mortals together in their haunted house, or be damned for all eternity.

LADY’S CHOICE, by J. L. Miller

Two Zelion interstellar traders may settle their differences by playing kids’ games, but they find they must compromise when they discover the same woman—Lija—is each one’s perfect mate.


A man running for his life…a woman on the lam… Secrets they can’t unlock alone.

THE WOODSMAN, by Belle Scarlett

In the Enchanted Forest, where cursed beings are consigned until the spells that bind them are broken, The Big Bad Wolf-shifter meets his match in Lady Lily Rouge, whose first sexual surrender he must win by sundown or else stay a lonely shifter forever.

HAUNTING MELODY, by Flo Fitzpatrick

A musical doll and an eccentric, stupidly- short witch send Melody Flynn through time to the 1919 Ziegfield Follies—and into the arms of stagehand Briley McShan.

THE BANSHEE AND THE REAPER, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

In the arms of a Reaper, a Banshee’s wail has nothing to do with sorrow.

BARED TO HIM, by NY TIMES bestselling author, Jan Springer

When custom boatmaker Miranda shifts, Gray Wagner goes primal…

I love to write about Christmas

Christmas NookiesChristmas Delights_ebook200x300christmasagogot_msrCaptain Andrew's Flying Christmasholidayheart150

Can you tell I love to write about the holidays? Something about the special sights, scents and sentiments of the season gives me endless fodder for stories. This year I have a new Heather Hiestand holiday release, Christmas Delights, and as Anh Leod, “Wet Christmas” in the Christmas Nookies anthology. The top line of stories are sensual and the second line are sweet.

Learn more about all my books and holiday stories at the link below!


#BlackFriday Sale on Tempting Josie by Anh Leod #romance $.99 Nov 27-Dec 1


Fashion style photo of a cute couplehttp://www.amazon.com/Tempting-Josie-Anh-Leod-ebook/dp/B00JWRWA7I

Read my sexy contemporary romance set in small town Spruce Park, WA this holiday weekend for just $.99! The second Spruce Park story, Wet Christmas, will be out in a holiday anthology any day now.


Josie Manheim never expected to reunite with her sinfully gorgeous high school ex on a blind date, but one look at him has her remembering their sexy exploits and wanting more. He’s changed, though, become darker and more mysterious than in the old days. Each encounter ratchets the intensity of their connection…and begs the question of who he is now.

Miguel Barrino, an undercover FBI agent, has trailed a priceless piece of stolen art to his former home town. He needs answers from his artist ex. She’s involved in the theft somehow. Can he keep Josie out of trouble and still heat things up with her under the covers? With criminals on the loose, falling in love could lead to more than hearts in danger.