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The Characters of A Treasure in Laguna by Heather Hiestand #newrelease #LagunaBeach

A Treasure in Laguna coverA Treasure in Laguna is 24 hours old! I’ve updated it on Goodreads if you’d like to add it to your shelf:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30817693-a-treasure-in-laguna

Hello! I’m Crowe Erickson, the hero of “A Treasure in Laguna” and Heather, my creator, wanted you to know what I looked like 😉 I was a teen star on my family’s treasure hunting reality show, but it was cancelled after two years. Now that I’ve regrouped, made it through college and grad school, and done my research, I’m ready for another shot of glory. Join me and my crew as I try to land a new treasure hunter reality show. I call it —- California Gold! What do you think? Am I going to find some gold in Laguna Beach? Or anything else worth having?

Crowe image

Lots of people have been learning about treasure hunting due to the success of shows like The Curse of Oak Island. Heather had the idea for “A Treasure in Laguna” after she binge-watched The Curse of Oak Island over December/January. Her father is interested in this treasure hunting reality show, and sucked her in, too. And it’s a good thing, because now I can hunt for gold!

My brother is going to get some face time in the sequel to my story. Thor, who was the camera operator in my book, will come to the forefront in his novella, which releases in November. Here’s Thor!

Thor image

If you want to know more about writing for Kindle Worlds, Heather has a guest post up, with quotes from some of her other authors, at http://www.fuseliterary.com/kindle-worlds-insider-tips/. If you have any questions, she would be happy to try to answer them.

The Importance of Passion in Our Writing

curseRecently, the historical romance market hasn’t been all it could be. Early in my career, I wrote contemporary romance, but about six years ago I mostly turned to writing historical, first Victorian, and then 1920s romance. I’ve had a blast, releasing contemporary only in sexier Anh Leod titles like Tempting Josie and Wet Christmas (In Christmas Nookies, an anthology). I haven’t wanted to chase the market, even though I’ve been encouraged to return to contemporary.

I plotted out a standalone contemporary. I plotted out an eight-book contemporary arc using my favorite tropes. I even started book one, but I wasn’t feeling it. I kept going with a passion project set int the 1920s. But then, something changed.

I was offered an opportunity to write something contemporary, and for some reason, that idea set my creativity on fire. It had roots in the kind of historical fiction I was writing, in terms of location and characters. And, I could bring in a naughty pleasure I’d been enjoying in my relatively non-existent free time. That’s a reality TV show my father hooked me on called The Curse of Oak Island. It’s about a treasure hunting team working in Nova Scotia.

When I combined this opportunity with a treasure hunting hero and a reality TV setting, all of a sudden I had a novella I plotted in a couple of days, and a book I was drafting less than a week later. The timing was right and this time, I had a new found love for a contemporary project.

I love this story! It will be out in July, so it will be a while before I share much about it, but I wanted to tell the story of its birth. Sometimes, when we can’t drum up enthusiasm, it’s because we haven’t quite landed on the right idea yet. It’s there though. Just take a look at what currently is interesting to you. The answer might be hiding in your hobbies, favorite shows or books, in the garden…wherever you might care to look.

Coming this month with my newly revised Anh Leod story, Aphrodite’s Necklace:


Coming in March…Trifling Favors…book 7 in the Redcakes series

Trifling Favors cover200x300