My #Smoothie Journey – Fighting back against kid crud #recipe

purple smoothieI’m starting to lose track, but I’ve been at this once-a-day smoothie meal replacement game for about a month now, and we’re on household illness number three since I began. This time it appears to be a kindergarten-sized intestinal virus, and boy, I don’t want to catch it! As it is, I was up all night tending to my poor little sufferer.

Here’s what I concocted in my new Nutri Ninja blender to fight the germs. What do you think?

The Crud Fighter Smoothie

1 handful mixed kale and spinach

1 Cup frozen mixed berries

1/2 green apple

1/2 cup pineapple

1 cup coconut water (optional pineapple flavored)

1 squeeze ginger pulp

Blend it all together and enjoy! It is a bit tart, so honey would be a good addition and also another germ fighter. On a hot day, you could also add ice. This firmly packed my Nutri Ninja single serving cup.



2 thoughts on “My #Smoothie Journey – Fighting back against kid crud #recipe

  1. Jacquie Rogers

    I haven’t tried kale in a smoothie yet–still haven’t worked up the nerve. That stuff tastes awful and I’m curious what human decided it was edible. :shudder: I’m told that all the other stuff masks the taste, though. I make protein drinks frequently but not the green ones.

    1. Heather Post author

      I use the baby kale. It’s very mild. I even put it on sandwiches. I have to admit I haven’t developed a taste yet for the really green stuff like green health powders, but I don’t notice a cup of greens in most smoothies. Still, after a month of this experiment, my taste buds are changing!


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