Who is Ewan Hales? #amreading #romance

John ShearerWedding Matilda is coming out (finally) on August 18th! It is up for preorder at the usual places and you’ll probably receive it on the 17th if you preorder, which is cool.

Ewan Hales, the hero this time (and see the old pic of J.M. above for my inspiration), is a man of mystery. He’s been around the Redcakes series all along, as secretary at the flagship Redcake’s Tea Shop and Emporium, but we haven’t known much about him except that he’s rather formal and a natty dresser, plus has quite a reputation with the ladies.

It was a shock to all when I began to investigate him and discovered the past he never knew. His late father was an aristocrat! Due to the extremely dissolute family Ewan is related to, he finds out at the opening of Wedding Matilda that he’s now the heir to an earl. And not a very nice one, either. Where once he was much too low on the status scale to romance a Redcake sister, now, he’s almost too high. Especially when the one, still-unwed Redcake is an unwed mother….

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