Cover Reveal Help! Which cover would you choose? #bookcover #coverreveal

the-rockstars-christmas-reunion-blackthe-rockstars-christmas-reunion-goldI’m releasing my holiday novel next week, and I have an important choice to make. My cover artist, Melyssa Naujoks, did the titling in two different colors, gold and black, and I can’t decide which one to use! Which do you prefer?

The Rock Star’s Christmas Reunion will be out next week. Curious? Here’s the blurb:

Twelve years ago, Bax Connolly left his small town behind to find fame and fortune with his guitar. Now the legendary, tattooed rock star is back and has purchased a home. The bad boy of the music industry wants to reconnect with his estranged family by throwing a huge Christmas party. But his tough, working class relatives have no clue how to deal with their ultra-wealthy and famous prodigal son and want nothing to do with him. 

Yakima Wannassay’s catering company needs a Christmas miracle to keep from going under, but she never expected Santa to deliver her the perfect holiday client—her former next door neighbor Bax. A recommendation from him could take her business to a whole new level. And when she steps under the mistletoe with the irresistible Bax, she finds herself wanting to mix business with pleasure. Too bad a long ago told little white lie could blow up in her face and ruin both Christmas and her future.

The Rock Star’s Christmas Reunion reunites a couple who never were together except in rumor, adds some music industry edge, and mixes in the joy of the holidays!


4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal Help! Which cover would you choose? #bookcover #coverreveal

  1. Lou Grimm

    Black! It suits a tattooed rock-star image, it speaks of opposites when combined with the white, it stands out more than gold on your background, and it looks just right too. Of course that’s just my lowly opinion. Good luck!

  2. Glenda

    I prefer the black. The title pops and is much easier to read. It also sets off the other colors in the cover – the tree seems brighter and more defined with the black lettering. At least that’s the way I see it…


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