A historical hottie for Halloween

I’ve been doing skull studies in a painting class this week, which got me thinking about the history of this sort of thing. Did you know that “Gray’s Anatomy” was first published in 1858? It is in it’s 41st edition now. The author was born in Belgravia in 1827 and spent 18 months dissecting unclaimed bodies before creating his anatomy textbook. He could do this because of an 1832 British law that gave free license to various professionals to take these bodies. Better than selling them, right? There were some horrific scandals about that that have popped up in fiction ever since…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray%27s_Anatomy

Henry Gray, a historical hottie (check out his photo), died young of smallpox, which he caught when caring for his nephew. Such a sad story. He sounds like a romantic hero to me!

If you want to see my skull studies, check them out at http://www.instagram.com/hiestandheather

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