New Release: The Country Star’s Valentine by Heather Hiestand

Haldana and Gerry’s book is here!

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen…

Take one country music superstar. Add a workaholic chef. Mix in a small town, too much family, and a pinch of music. Bake until love rises.

Chef Haldana Connolly’s heart might be permanently scarred by the bad breakup she had last year. At twenty-two, she’s focused on starting a new catering career, and now she’s ready to move, too, if she can find a roommate to help her pay the rent on her boss’s vacant house.

Texas-born Gerry Dealy is the youngest member of the biggest family act in country music. He’s ready to show his older brother and sister that he can be the band’s songwriter. When he heads to a small town in Washington State to pull the band’s music director into his scheme, he finds himself renting a house with the guy’s sexy cousin. What can he do but settle in and try his best?

Fate has a way of sneaking into the cracks of a busy life and turning attraction into love…

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