Captain Andrew’s Flying Christmas

Captain Andrew’s Flying Christmas
Series: Steampunk Smugglers, Book 1
Genres: Romance, Victorian
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Coffee on Sundays Press
Publication Year: 2011

4.6 Star rating on Amazon! A holiday classic.

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About the Book

Housemaid Linet Fenna would rather be an air pirate than a servant. When she finds the ladder to an airship dangling outside her garret window on Christmas Eve, 1892, she ascends to the skies above London on her late father’s flagship dirigible, the Christmas. The new captain is someone she never expected to see again, a dangerous, sexy foe. Is the Fenna family nemesis offering Linet her heart’s desire or a dastardly trap?

Captain Andrew’s motivations are as foggy as the coal-soaked sky. Prime Minister Gladstone’s Blockaders, a horde of automen and a teenage girl named Hatchet want Linet to fail in her quest to discover what happened to her missing family, but she is determined to have a happy Christmas.

Captain Andrew’s Flying Christmas is a 16,000-word steampunk romance novella.

“5 Stars! Steampunk adventure at its finest.” – Shoshanna Evers

“5 Stars! CAPTAIN ANDREW’S FLYING CHRISTMAS is my favorite type of holiday offering: short, sweet, and noncaloric!” – E. M. Flynn

“5 Stars! I was immediately pulled into the story. It had action, adventure and romance.” – Teagan Oliver

“Captain Andrew’s Flying Christmas was a fabulous read, especially for a short novella. Her characters are sweet, engaging and brave in a world of darkness and grime.” – Mae Pen on Romancing the Genres

“A fun, lovely story with a happy ending.” – Sheery’s Place

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