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Krinar Revenge by Heather Hiestand #Newrelease #romance #scifi #paranormal #alien


The reviews are coming in!

“This was a great read.” Aimee, ARC reviewer

Krinar Revenge is a Science Fiction Novel that is suffused with adventure & a bit of humour. ” Sophie, ARC reviewer

“Wow what a read” Sarah, ARC reviewer


When firefighter Conway Smith enters Cloud Bar in Las Cruces, New Mexico, he has only one thing on his mind—revenge against the aliens who let his mother die, despite having promised her immortality. One look at Resistance fighter Venus Cloud, though, and all he can think about is the magic they will make together back in his hotel room.

Venus has been raised in the Resistance, and she’s tasked with seducing Conway and learning all his secrets. He has something to offer the hardened warriors trying to free Earth from the invaders—a stolen nanocyte serum that will make one human effectively immortal.

The local cell wants Conway in their group, not leading it, and devises a brutal operation to get what they want. If Venus finds herself more in love with Conway than respectful of her ruthless father’s plans, she’ll have to go on the run to save his life.

Sex, lies, and a road trip from hell. Venus may have to turn to her enemy Krinar to save her lover’s life.

P.S. There are seven other fresh new novellas set in the world of the Krinar Chronicles! And to see where it all began, read Close Liaisons, currently free! https://www.amazon.com/Close-Liaisons-Krinar-Chronicles-1-ebook/dp/B009MNXWMO