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Time for Reflection: What is my author brand?

My kid is home sick from school today, which means I can’t have a normal work day, since I’m going to be fetching and carrying and doing emergency laundry…you know the drill. For now, I have time for a moment of reflection, since he’s napping. While I remain in cat-like readiness, I thought I would mention that I have a couple of reviews up on my new release, Hunting John Doe.

One is from a long-time reviewer and the other from is a new reviewer. However, he has read my sci-fi romance before, and he said both stories had a “gritty realistic setting.” Honestly, I was kind of shocked by that.

After all, aren’t I the same author who wrote a seven-book series about a bakery? Full of mouthwatering pastries? Still, as fluffy as aspects of that series were (The Redcakes) it had some grit in it, too. Most of the heroines were career women, pretty rare in the 1880s and 1890s. And then I moved on to Jazz Age London for the Grand Russe Hotel trilogy. And in that series, all the fun of parties and champagne and dancing is backdropped by the British Secret Service hunting for a deranged Russian bomber. Okay, I guess that’s pretty gritty too. Now I’m writing about Charles Dickens (as Heather Redmond). This was a guy who wandered London’s backstreets all hours of the night, learning the city like an encyclopedia, and he’s solving murders. Hmmm.

Sometimes it takes a new set of eyes to tell an author what their brand is. Thank you to Walter for revealing it to me.

What would you call my brand? “The reality behind the shimmer?” “Gritty love?” “Grit and reality?” “Real love?” Okay, that’s probably been used before.

LOL. Still a work in progress…after a night without much sleep due to the sick kiddo.

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