My #Smoothie Journey — Taste testing Aloha Green Powders and Protein mixes

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I received a test box of five different Aloha products this week and I’ve had fun trying them out. The end result is that I decided to continue with the brand and my first monthly box is coming soon. Based on a quick run through grocery store Fred Meyer, their prices are a fair amount higher than basic store brands, but not insanely so. I’m assuming the quality is better. Certainly the taste is! When I go to Whole Foods next I’ll see how their prices compare.

I tried the original Good Greens powder (Daily Good Greens) in water alone, feeling brave. Sure, it isn’t the yummiest potion ever, but I drank it fast and it didn’t give me any trouble. I also managed to get my work done for the day, despite about five hours of sleep the previous night, so maybe it did up my energy as advertised. I certainly needed some.

I was most intrigued by the Chocolate green powder. I added it to a basic nut milk and banana/date smoothie. The end result was simply delicious to start, but changed on me quickly. I recommend drinking it in non-leisurely fashion. I had better luck with the Berry green powder. I mixed it into a simple, three ingredient fruit smoothie (idea from a Blender Girl smoothie recipe) and it worked out very well.

Next, I broke out the Vanilla Aloha Protein. I found a drink recipe here: Some yummy looking stuff, but I did doctor up the recipe I found with banana and spinach to make sure it had more than protein going for it. The drink was quite good, but even though my smoothie was around 400 calories, it didn’t make me feel like I had a meal. So, back to the drawing board with a protein smoothie. With that many calories I don’t want to feel hungry for at least a few hours. I might still be happier using food sources for protein, like yogurt, but I’m going to experiment more with this product when my first month’s shipment comes in.

What is your favorite protein source for smoothies?

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