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Preorder The Princess Dilemma: A Royal Romance by Heather Hiestand

the-princess-dilemma-second-versionThe Princess Dilemma, A Victorian Royal Romance, is now available on Amazon for preorder! It will be released on Nov 20th. Preorder Here

It is also on KU so you can read for free from Nov 30-Feb 28  if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited.

England, 1837: In the game of kings, there can be only one winner, but a second chance at love is worth more than any throne…

As a British army colonel, Edward FitzPrince deals with dangerous secrets every day. When his mother dies and he learns he may have a claim to the British throne, he quickly finds himself out of his depths. The Scottish-born soldier discovers life in London and political maneuvering foreign indeed.

One woman can help him, German Princess Charlotte von Scharnburg, with whom he had a secret romance more than a decade before, his long-lost wife. As the best friend and lady-in-waiting to his half-sister, Queen Victoria, who has just ascended the throne of England, Charlotte is now his natural enemy.

Edward is determined to have his birthright. Charlotte must ensure her family’s survival. They will be each other’s greatest ally, or tear each other apart.

A series about Queen Victoria is taking the Downtown Abbey slot in January. This is a great opportunity to learn about 1837 and get ready for the show!