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New Release: Hunting John Doe by Heather Hiestand, a Dark Science-fiction Romance


My novel is out today! Hooray! This is a revised novel that was released in an earlier form as Recreating John Doe by my old pen name, Anh Leod. Delle Jacobs made me a gorgeous new cover and it’s been expanded and re-edited.

It’s an Amazon exclusive for now, so it’s on Kindle Unlimited or you can purchase it.


Once a royal prince, the man known as John Doe now lives the low life as an intergalactic bounty hunter. Avoiding the revolutionaries who need him as their figurehead, he’s chasing his latest contract, beautiful Gaia Marlowe, wanted for the death of her husband.

Long ago, Gaia had supported herself in exotic BDSM clubs. Her path out of that lifestyle only led her to the darker pleasures of the upper class. With two husbands dead, it’s time to take charge of her life as an underground mistress.

John needs to capture Gaia, but she can’t afford to let that happen. If only their connection wasn’t so magnetic. Two people are running for their lives…and a chemistry that cannot be denied.

Disclaimer: Expect sexy adult situations and practices.